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Kanina Castle

Kanina Castle

Kanina Castle (Kalaja e Kaninës) is situated in the village with the same name, 6 km south-east from Vlora. Built in the 3rd century BC on one of the oldest settlements in the area, the castle features Byzantine, Venetians and Turkish elements and a beautiful view over the Vlora city due to its position on top of a 380m hill (Shushica Mountain) above the sea level. The castle has a major historical importance, being once the fortress of Gjergj Arianiti, Prince of Kanina. In the 6th century BC it was rebuilt by Imperor Justinian and after a long period, in the 14th century, the castle represented the residence of the Principality of Valona. Now, the settlement covers an area of 3, 625 hectares, being one of the most important tourist attractions in Vlore and the entire Albania.

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