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Museum of Historic Relics

Museum of Historic Relics

The History Museum, also known as the Museum of Historic Relics – Muzeu i Relikeve Historike (Muzeu Historik) –  was found in 1962 in a distinguish building in the center of Vlora. Visitors are invited to discover archeological pieces reflecting different historical periods from the Bronze Age to the present day. The ancient objects displayed in the museum were found over the time in Vlora, Orikum, Amantia Ploce, Olympia and Kionina. Most of the museum is dedicated to the city of Vlora, revealing important moments of its history. There is a special section dedicated to the locals who contributed to the declaration of independence and a few pavilions containing original documents and weapons used in some of the most important wars held in Albania such as: the 1920 Battle of Vore and the Democratic Movement of July 1924. In 1980, during the renovation of Vlore- Skele Boulevard, the workers have found the body of the patriot Avni Rustemit. Now, his original coffin, made of glass, is proudly exhibited in the History Museum of Vlora as a national treasure.

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