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National Museum of Independence

National Museum of Independence

The first museum in Albania, National Museum of Independence (Muzeu Kombëtar i Pavarësisë) was founded in 1936 in the building where the first Albanian Government was settled in 1913. When it first opened, the museum showcased a collection of important items from Vlore and the surrounding areas. 50 years later, the museum was declared a national museum, showcasing original documents from the Renaissance documents and various artworks reflecting the period.

As a symbol of Albania’s independence, the museum covers 2 rooms and 2 halls, all of beautifully decorated in the 19th century style, featuring original furniture, authentic documents, works of art, relics, the proclamation of independence, which was signed in this building, and other valuable items of national interest. Among the most remarkable areas in the museum are: the office of the first Albanian Prime Minister (Ismail Quemali) and the Provisional Government Conference Room. Located in the south of Vlore, near the port, the museum can be visited every day, except Monday.

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